Nelson's Precious Angel (aka "Angel").

We provide horse sitting services (along with caring for your other critters), because we understand how important it is to have reliable, professional horse people for those times that you just have to be gone for a while. Vacations, horse shows, breeding runs, etc. We've been there, and it is hard to leave your animals behind, especially when you don't have someone you can absolutely trust to care for them, just as you would. We are experienced caring for all kinds, and all ages, of horses, so you can leave them in our care with total peace of mind. 


We can also assist in rehabilitation and follow-up care, should you have an injured horse. We do not replace a veterinarian, but will help you follow your vet's recommendations for follow-up care - be it exercise, re-packing a hoof, re-wrapping of a leg, or changing dressings on wounds.  Note that there are some instances where we may recommend that the follow - up care be performed by a vet.



RR Lasair and her newborn filly, Bella Blue, in the Spring of 2012 at Gypsy Wins Farm.

Where to Find Us:

Equine TLC/Gypsy Wins Farm
17721 Berta Canyon Road
 Prunedale, CA  93907

Home Phone: (831) 663-1302

Cell Phone: (408) 921-4139

What's New

New online presence

Now you can find current information about our services online.

Expanded business hours

We feed before 6 AM on weekdays, and usually by 7:30 on weekends and holidays, so the horses are ready to start when you are!