Too much fun?

We provide lessons in a relaxed, casual, friendly and enjoyable fashion, in a stress -free environment. If you are not enjoying your lessons, we need to talk!  We don't break horses, we gentle them. We have the same appoach with students.


Lessons start with basic horsemanship - grooming, tacking up the horse, basic horse care and ground work. Progress on this phase varies on whether this is a review, or an initial intoduction to the basics.  Students are encouraged to ride in both English and Western saddles if they haven't already done so. Lessons are offerred in either or both disciplines.


We provide lessons for students of all ages - almost!  We've had great success with students as young as three, and absolutely enjoy, and have had great success, in re-introducing people with a history of riding - oftentimes after the kids have grown up and "left the nest".  We have had some amazing success stories of students that haven't ridden since their childhood years, picking up where they left off after just a few lessons. Several times these students have already purchased horses, only to find they lack the confidence to get out and about on the area's bountiful network of trails. After a few lessons, there's no holding them back! 


Students are asked to provide their own riding gear - helmets, gloves, boots, and appropriate pants - jeans are acceptable as long as they are not too tight and won't scratch up our outstanding saddlles! 



Mariah on Sassy.

Hailey jumping our saddlebred, Bon Chance (aka "Boo").

Where to Find Us:

Equine TLC/Gypsy Wins Farm
17721 Berta Canyon Road
 Prunedale, CA  93907

Home Phone: (831) 663-1302

Cell Phone: (408) 921-4139

What's New

New online presence

Now you can find current information about our services online.

Expanded business hours

We feed before 6 AM on weekdays, and usually by 7:30 on weekends and holidays, so the horses are ready to start when you are!