Gypsy Wins Farm's  Stallion, Ice Chip



ETLC/GWF, having developed a close relationship with the Gypsy Vanner family - renowned Rock Ranch - was offerred "pick of the litter" of the colts foaled in 2011. Rock Ranch Imani's Ice Chip was the first born Rock Ranch colt in 2011 and was selected by ETLC/GWF as soon as he touched the ground. Ice Chip was a very muscled, heavy boned, dark grey, and energetic colt, right from the get-go. Partially driving the decision to purchase Ice Chip - other potential colts sight unseen - was our infatuation with his sire, Rock Ranch The Ice Man. We were also very fond of his dam, Imani, daughter of the  truly amazing Bob the Blagdon (both Imani and Bob the Blagdon reside at and are owned by Rock Ranch). The disposition of very sweet The Ice Man is unparalled, and he is a strikingly handsome stallion. Ice Chip definitely follows in his hoof-steps. 


We have been incredibly pleased with our decision to purchase Ice Chip, a true chip off the old block (of "Ice").  Ice Chip has an amazingly sweet disposition, is very athletic, and moves very well.  


 Icechip was successfully bred to our newest addition, Rock Ranch Zola, with his first foal, Gypsy Wins Lucien, born on May 23, 2015.  Lucien is a beautiful Black Blagdon colt, with the amazingly sweet disposition and good looks of his sire Ice Chip,  and of his grandsire, Rock Ranch The Iceman.  He is an extremely intelligent and athetic young foal.  Lucien is offerred for sale to a suitable owner.


 Ice Chip was also bred to our own Rock Ranch Lasair. Gypsy Wins Olivier Nelson was born on March 8, 2016.  Both of these colts are beautiful We are looking forward to seeing what will undoubtedly be some amazing foals around February 2016. 


Rock Ranch Ice Chip is standing to a limited number of select Gypsy mares via live cover at Gypsy Wins Farm, or via  AI using shipped, cooled semen.  Inquiries are welcome!


Read about Ice Chip's lineage, that of his two colts, and see photos of his sire (Rock Ranch The Iceman), his dam (Rock Ranch Imani), his maternal  grandsire (Bob the Blagdon) and his two colts elsewhere on this web page.  


Our grandaughter, Nevaeh, on Ice Chip at Gypsy Wins Farm!

Rock Ranch Ice Chip, standing at Gypsy Wins Farm.  GWF is currently taking bookings for Ice Chip for select Gypsy Horses, and will consider cross breedings to select mares, solely at the discetion of Gypsy Wins Farm. 


Rock Ranch Ice Chip, August, 2013.
Ice Chip's first schooling show with C.J. & Samantha VanSickle (StarFire Gypsy Horses)) - photo by Jamie Mammano.
Rock Ranch Ice Chip, July 2012
A newborn Ice Chip with his dam, Imani. daughter of Bob the Blagdon.

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