Mariah having fun with Angel, our Thoroughbred - Gypsy Vanner (RR Nelson) cross.


My training philosophy is very similar to that of Monty Roberts and Julie Goodnight. I believe in training horse and rider at the same time. I have found throughout my years of experience that this is the best way to have the horse owner and horse learn to communicate most effectively, and be able to pick up the subtle cues that pass between the individual horse and rider. 


I also believe in training from the ground up, as the horses behavior in-hand will be reflective of its behavior under saddle. This is the best way to produce a gentle, responsive and safe horse. I strongly believe that round pen work, with and without a circingle, is one of the best ways to improve a horse's responsiveness, and to "fine tune" your horse's collection to optimize your riding pleasure.


Training can be performed at our facility, Gypsy Wins Farm, or yours. We have a 60-foot diameter round pen, and ample gently sloping fenced pasture for riding and training when the basics have been mastered.


Students are welcome to use their own horses at our farm provided their horses have had all of the appropriate vaccinations, and have been recently wormed.  Training at the students' own personal facility is also an option as long as the necessary facilities are present for the level of training desired.


Most students use our horses for training - there are no additional fees charged for this option. We have several horses that we use for training, and we encourage students to use the various horses over time to get used to various horses' responses and personalities.

Where to Find Us:

Equine TLC/Gypsy Wins Farm
17721 Berta Canyon Road
 Prunedale, CA  93907

Home Phone: (831) 663-1302

Cell Phone: (408) 921-4139

What's New

New online presence

Now you can find current information about our services online.

Expanded business hours

We feed before 6 AM on weekdays, and usually by 7:30 on weekends and holidays, so the horses are ready to start when you are!